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Meet Valencia, your Certified Areola Restoration Artist & Educator
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Certified Areola Restoration
Artist & Educator

Helping PMU Artists learn the art of areola tattooing and how to gain clients consistently, so they can build a profitable & gratifying business.

Meet Valencia

When I began my journey as a Permanent Makeup Artist, I was afraid to tattoo on real skin. However, I was determined to learn more in order to minimize the fear of creating a disastrous situation due to poor artistry.


I had moments where I wanted to throw in the towel and focus on other services. Learning PMU seemed overwhelming! Determined not to give up, I invested in more courses to learn how to improve my artistry, build a lucrative service menu, and connect with clients in a more personalized individual experience.


These courses include Areola Tattooing and Ombre Powder Brows.

Areola tattooing has become the service I am most passionate about in my business. I found that I could make money doing something I absolutely loved while receiving instant gratification for changing someone's life!

I have helped many PMU artists improve their artistry and satisfy their clients every time by creating step-by-step routines to help guide students towards a lucrative and gratifying business.

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Why You Should Join Our Course?

Being an Areola Tattoo Artist is one of the most rewarding positions in PMU. Although areola tattooing can serve many patients that have undergone surgery, breast cancer survivors are the number one patients in need. With a scarcity of artists in the PMU industry, there is a high demand for artists which allows you to monopolize in this rewarding field. You will not only serve breast cancer survivors who have had breast reconstruction surgery, but also other patients that have post-mastectomy scars or have undergone breast augmentation, breast lift, male chest reconstruction, female to male surgery or sex reassignment patients. The market is open! Adding areola tattooing to your service menu will surely elevate your business to another level.

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Workstation Setup & Sanitation

How to Consult with Your Client

Design & Pre-Draw

Step-By-Step 3D Areola Tattooing

Measuring & Mapping

Color Theory

Needle Techniques

What Will You Learn?

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Main Benefits

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Learn about the various types of surgeries, so that you're confident in knowing how to work on each client's skin.

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Gain confidence in your artistry to influence better results when creating your art work.

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You will understand how to choose the right pigments for your client to yield the best results.

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Feel confident in seeking out your clients and connecting with surgeons so that you can grow your business.

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A full areola restoration supply list of items to get you started

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Videos of how to create the 3D illusion of protrusion on a client

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Downloadable PDF of consent form & medical history

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Access to our Facebook Group for ongoing support

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