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A Breast Cancer Survivor's Testimonial of Transformative 3D Areola Tattooing

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Breast cancer survivors, following reconstructive surgery or mastectomy, often grapple with the absence of one or both nipples. This absence can intensify the emotional scars left by the ordeal. However, 3D areola tattooing offers a ray of hope, creating an authentic-looking three-dimensional nipple through a subtle illusion.

Valencia's World of Beauty, a prominent Chicago-based establishment, has extended this transformative service to many, helping survivors regain a semblance of their prior selves. Our seasoned team, renowned for its empathy and expertise, guides clients through the intricacies of the procedure, including eligibility, the process, the potential pros and cons, cost implications, and more.

A poignant testimony to the profound impact of areola tattooing is Marianne Sarcich, a breast cancer survivor and ardent advocate for the procedure post-reconstruction. Recounting her journey, Sarcich expressed, "I never felt like me again, even after my breast reconstruction." She described her reasons for areola tattooing, "I could not even look at myself in the mirror, and I did not feel whole. I thought that tattoo would help turn my reconstructed breast into something I could accept as mine."

For those contemplating the procedure, an initial consultation awaits at Valencia's World of Beauty, available for virtual and in-person consultations at our Oak Lawn location. One of the most common inquiries is the pain quotient... do 3D areola tattoos hurt? To this, Sarcich clarifies, "I felt nothing because I had no feeling in that breast. Mastectomy cuts the nerves." For many, the pain is minimal- or comparable to receiving a tattoo on other body parts.

3D Areola Tattooing (Before & After Pictures)
3D Areola Tattooing (Before & After Pictures)

The aftermath of the procedure often witnesses a resurgence in self-confidence. Sarcich's personal testament underscores this, "To see my new tattoo in the mirror when she was done with absolutely transformative." She elaborates, "The emotional healing that seemed to magically happen because of that tattoo was so deep."

She offers some sound counsel: prioritize seasoned tattoo artists over plastic surgeons, given their nuanced understanding of the right inks, ensuring longevity and realism. Furthermore, securing clearance for the tattoo from one's surgeon is crucial.

On the financial front, while national averages hover between $350-500 for a single nipple and $600-815 for a pair, Valencia's World of Beauty offers a competitive rate of $250 for one and $500 for two, uncompromised in quality. Notably, many insurance plans are extending coverage or reimbursements for this transformative procedure. Furthermore, the non-profit, Sharsheret, through its Best Face Forward 2.0 initiative, provides grants for complimentary 3D areola tattoos.

For those in the vicinity of Chicago pondering over areola tattooing, Valencia's World of Beauty stands as a beacon of excellence. Thorough research, aided by perusing artist portfolios, is indispensable in finding the right artist.

Got a story related to this transformative journey? We're all ears. Share with us here.

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